Take care of your baby's nails

Cutting Baby’s Nails – When and how to do it

One of the most common fears of parents occurs when it comes time to cutting their baby’s nails. The little ones’ hands and feet need special attention and optimal manicure and pedicure operations. Babies’ nails are much softer, thinner and grow much faster than adults and can hurt them very easily, so doctors recommend cutting them once a week. But how do you do it right without risking hurting your little ones?

Here are some things every parent should know when it comes to cutting newborn nails!

Cutting Baby’s Nails: When and how to do it

First of all, parents must choose the tools needed to cut the newborn’s nails. Nails and scissors for adults are not suitable for the little ones, mainly because of their size and shape. Think that a classic nail clipper is as big as a child’s hand or foot, and using it can be risky. Fortunately, times have changed and there is currently a wide range of kits on the market specially designed for the optimal care of the nails of newborns and children. They contain scissors with a rounded tip, small nail clippers and soft ones. If you want to buy a good kit for your baby read more about the best baby nail clippers at ReviewNails.com. The rounded tip of the scissors has an essential role in protecting the child’s delicate skin, helping to avoid possible accidents.

baby playing with cubeFor the first nail grooming experiences it is recommended to use scissors, because they are safer than clippers. However, scissors do not allow the nails to be cut too deep and for this reason the operation must be repeated more often. In the case of clippers, the chances of cutting or scratching the child’s skin are higher. It is very important to remember that before use, the scissors must be sterilized and only then can they be used.

As a rule of thumb, fingernails should be cut round so that babies do not scratch, while fingernails should be cut straight and not too deep to avoid incarnation.

The actual way of cutting is quite simple, only it involves a lot of attention: the nail is separated from the skin by a light pressure of the finger pad, and then cut carefully following the natural curve of the nail shape. After cutting, gentle filing is recommended.

The choice of when this procedure is done depends on one parent. Some parents choose to cut their nails while the child is sleeping, while others do so immediately after the baby wakes up or distracting the little ones in various ways ( with toys, sounds, etc.). Whatever time you choose, make sure you have enough light in your room to see everything well, and if you are just starting out, feel free to ask for help from another family member to assist you during the operation.

What to avoid when cutting your baby’s nails

The first thing you should not do when you have to take care of your baby’s nails is not to panic. In this way you risk transmitting to the child the state of agitation and nervousness, and things can take an unpleasant turn.

Whatever it is, don’t resort to biting your little ones’ nails. Even if you heard from your grandparents that they did this, it is not at all hygienic. Think about how many bacteria are in an adult’s oral cavity, and they can infect the little ones’ skin and even get into his mouth, causing discomfort.

You also don’t have to break your little ones’ nails under any circumstances. They are very thin and soft and it seems tempting to break them, but this will lead to infections.

In conclusion, cutting baby nails does not have to scare you. It is a normal operation, which, after the first attempts, will become natural. With great care and patience, you can’t go wrong.